This course is specially designed for those who are looking to learn WordPress Website Development from Scratch and they want to start their home-based web design business. Especially, I have made this course for beginners who are eager to start working from home as a Freelancer but they don’t know where and how to start a home-based business.

Starting and Operating a Web Design Business is a really profitable option than any other career opportunities.

Firstly, I will explain how you can Create Amazing Websites with WordPress Without any Prior Knowledge of Programming or Coding:

  • How exactly a website works
  • What is a Domain Name
  • What is Web Hosting and Why do we need it
  • How a Website opens on the Internet
  • How you can make the website with just drag and drop mechanism

Then after I will teach you how to you can convert an existing informative website into a brand new eCommerce or Online Store which includes:

  • How to Create Products Easily
  • How to Manage New Orders
  • How to do Online Payments Integration like PayPal
  • How to Manage Shipping Rates and almost everything

Then I’ll give you a great idea of how you can get clients. This includes:

  • Freelancing Introduction
  • Signing up on Upwork to start Getting Overseas Clients
  • How to Write Valuable Proposals to the Clients
  • How to Grab Client Attention
  • How to Receive Payments directly to your Bank Accounts
  • What you must Do and Not to Do when you do Freelancing for a Full-Time Income

This course gives you the exact behind-the-scenes strategy that Saddam Kassim has employed to build a highly profitable home-based business.

So, what are you waiting for? Enroll today and start your journey as a Professional WordPress Developer.

If you are one among these, then this is the right course for you:

  • Students
  • Housewives
  • Low-salaried employees who are looking to have a secondary source of income for extra earnings
  • For anyone who is willing to start a home-based Web Design Business